Pro Tips

Eorzea Time

Eorzea time can be shown in game by clicking on the clock, you can swap between local time, server time, and Eorzea time. You can also see the current Eorzea time on your "My List" page on this site. An eorzean day lasts 70 real-life minutes, so an hour in-game is a bit less than 3 real-life minutes.

Level 60 unspoiled nodes: Get there early

Heavensward zones are large and you only have 55 minutes (eorzea time, so about 2.5 real minutes). If you need these items, you should be in the zone about 15-20 eorzea minutes early

Teleportation costs

Teleporting around can get pricey, make sure you have your favored destinations, home destinations, and (if you have a one-time-password) your free destination set. For Heavensward, I've set Ishgard (Foundation) as my free destination and use the airship terminal there to get to Azys Lla and Sea of Clouds for Free, and just walk out the gate to Coerthas Western Highlands. Idyllshire and Mor Dhona are popular favorites, as are the main 3 cities from the pre-heavensward story as you can exit to 2 different zones from each. You can also try flying/riding to the next zone over if that's where your next node lies instead of teleporting there.


You can collect certain items instead of gathering them, you play a different mini-game to do this. You'll need to be above level 50 to do this. Check out the Collectable Rotations guide for how to maximize each node. Collectable items will be marked in your list. Some have use as regular items, many do not. Do your homework so you know what to go after and what to avoid. Check your daily timers for a list of what Rowena wants from you that day as it will change. The 4 big items she will always want: Adamantite ore (MIN) and Chyshal Greens (BTN) for red scrips, Morels (BTN) and Cuprite (MIN) for blue. If you time out your cordials right you can get all 4 of these starting at 9 (twice an Eorzean day, both AM and PM). You can then trade the collectables in for scrips, and in turn, trade those scrips in for either gear or books that reveal legendary nodes (level 60 one-star at the moment).

Last modified: Sep 12, 2015