Ephemeral Nodes

Ephemeral Nodes spawn for 4 hours. You can re-spawn them in that 4 hours, if you touch a node from each of 2 different node "pairs" surrounding them.

Use Collector's Glove: Collectable items gathered from Ephemeral Nodes are used for Aetherial Reduction. They convert into Crystals, Clusters, and varying types of Aethersand. The resulting Crystals and Clusters are of the same type as can be found directly on the node.

As of 3.3 Lovers Laurel and Radiant Astral Moraine have been added to the BOT/MIN nodes and can reduce to water or ice randomly, these new items also reduce to light-kissed aethersand at high collectability.


Time Zone Coordinates Element
12AM-4AM Coerthas Western Highlands (x10,y14) Wind
4AM-8AM The Dravanian Hinterlands (x13,y19) Earth
8AM-12PM The Dravanian Forelands (x10,y32) Earth
4PM-8PM The Churning Mists (x19,y29) Earth
8PM-12AM The Sea of Clouds (x26,y35) Wind
8PM-12AM Yanxia (x22,y13) Wind
8AM-12PM Azim Steppe (x16,y28) Earth
4AM-8AM The Lochs (x28,y10) Ice


Time Zone Coordinates Element
4AM-8AM The Dravanian Forelands (x17,y27) Fire
8AM-12PM The Dravanian Hinterlands (x26,y24) Fire
12PM-4PM The Churning Mists (x29,y19) Fire
4PM-8PM The Sea of Clouds (x34,y30) Lightning
8PM-12AM Coerthas Western Highlands (x21,y28) Lightning
4PM-8PM Yanxia (x37,y19) Water
12PM-4PM Azim Steppe (x29,y15) Lightning
12AM-4AM The Lochs (x13,y17) Fire


Time Zone Fish Element
3pm - 6pm Azys Lla (x39,y18) Tupuxuara Ice
3pm - 6pm Dravanian Hinterlands (x21,y23) Thaliak Caiman Water
6pm - 9pm The Sea of Clouds (x28,y34) Caiman Water
11am - 2pm The Churning Mists (x20,y40) Pteranodon Ice

Ephemeral Node rotation for 5/8 (dawnborne aethersand)

Utmost Caution, Methodical Appraisal, Methodical Appraisal, Single Mind, Methodical Appraisal, Single Mind, Methodical Appraisal on a 58 or 60 item (not lover's laurel or radiant astral moraine from 3.3 as those reduce to Light-kissed aethersand)

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